The End of Time Tomorrow

As we stand on the threshold of the End of Time it seemed appropriate to ask “What do you think about the End of Time?”  Here are the responses:

Blake Price: “There is no end of time for Sir Blake.  Nobody dares tell me that there is.  I’m on top of the world.  On top of the world.”

Carrie-Ann:  “Blakey says there’s no such thing as the end of time and I agree with him.  Yes I definitely agree with him.  He’s so handsome you know.”

Flora and Dora:  “End of time Dora what d’ya think?”  “End of Time?”  “Yes”  “Like no time”  “Yes”  “That sums up my whole life Flo.  Never enough hours in the day!”  “I give up!”

Angela:  “I miss Blake.  Blake where are you?  I’m waiting.”

Sarah:  “With love there is no end of time.  Blake I love you.”

Karl:  “End of Time?  Umm interesting.  Let’s analyse this issue…”

Gallery Owner: “End of Time is a supremely accomplished work of art Sir.  It would enhance your collection significantly and at £3 billion it constitutes an incredible investment opportunity.

Please enjoy the End of Time and do tell us what you think.

End of Time in the Times

Last night we were excited to have the lovely Caroline and Emma from the Wokingham Times at our rehearsal.  It is great to get some coverage in a local paper.  We need all the publicity we can get to  encourage people out of their homes on these cold and wet nights to witness the End of Time!  We will let you know when we appear in print.  

There are still seats available for every performance so please come and support us and give the actors and crew the plaudits they deserve.  I think you’ll be surprised at what a local amateur group with no permanent theatre can achieve.  Tickets are available online at or by calling 0118 328 2825.  The clock is ticking- there is only two weeks left unti the End of Time!

A Spirited Assistant

Assistant Director Lesley Barker-Smith has been with Twyrus for more than two years and in that time has appeared on stage in many productions.  Last Autumn Lesley took a major role in Key for Two as the bright and bubbly Anne.  In End of Time Lesley plays the more serious role of Angela who is Blake’s protective and loving mother.  This is Lesley’s first time directing and she has found it fun seeing the theatre from a completely different angle and has learned a great deal in doing so.   Lesley is a great Assistant Director but why is she spirited?  You’ll have to watch the play to find out!

Mega-rich Medicine Magnate

Who is Blake Price?  What makes the central character of End of Time tick?  Blake begins his life as the humble son of a single parent.  With ferocious ambition, extreme hard work and total single-mindedness he transforms himself into the multi-billionaire owner of an international pharmaceutical company.  Blake can now afford anything he desires and can control everyone and everything, even time itself.  Or can he?

Blake Price is played by James Higgins.  James started acting with Twyrus back in 1984 at the tender age of 7 as his father was with the group.  James has had a substantial number of lead and other roles in many Twyrus productions including Curtain Up on Murder, Wyrd Sisters, Lady Windermere’s Fan and Cold Comfort Farm.  James also successfully shouldered the part of Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame without getting any backs up other than his own!

End of Time – Actors’ Spotlight

The spotlight falls on our two male supporting actors this week.   Ian McDonald plays our sycophantic Gallery owner who bows and scrapes his way to a fortune selling over-priced art to Blake Price.

End of Time's Gallery Owner

Ian has been with Twyford and Ruscombe Theatre Group, on and off, for over 40 years.  Originally persuaded along by a neighbour and being new to dramatics, Ian said he would just come along to help backstage.  Like many others, he quickly graduated to treading the boards.  He’s been cast in pantos, comedies and thrillers, often chosen as a clerical person.   His last major role was Inspector Davenport in “Funny Money” .  Ian has also produced and directed plays for Tywrus and been it’s Treasurer.  He is currently the group’s Membership Secretary a role he has had for nearly ten years.

Blake's sober best friend

Marc Reid plays Blake’s long-suffering best friend Karl who is very taken with Blake’s extensive selection of whiskeys!   Marc started acting at school and has appeared in many amdram productions in a variety of groups both in the UK and abroad.  He first joined Twyrus back in 1988 before moving away to return over 20 years later to find the group as welcoming as ever.  Recently Marc has appeared for Twyrus in Goody Two Shoes as Rolo,  Mr Neck in Cold Comfort Farm and as Dwarf Dodgy in Snow White and the Seven Not Particularly Tall People.

Blake’s 7 Stars Cindy Crawford

Happy Significant Birthday to Ian our Gallery Owner and thanks from us all for the welcome drink at the end of a challenging week on End of Time.  With two months to go all scripts have been put down with only the odd sneaky peak between scenes allowed!  The tyrannical director who imposed this tough deadline says well done to everybody for a good job this first week.  Not only did everybody deliver most of their lines, they also remembered moves and more than a bit of acting!  This is the stage equivalent of rubbing your stomach, patting your head and jumping up and down all at the same time – impressive.  There were a couple of slip ups.  At one point Blake Price thought he was marrying an 80’s super model.  Admittedly Blake does have seven wives to remember but Cindy Crawford isn’t one of them, Lilly Crawley maybe, but not Cindy Crawford!


Another week of rehearsals including our first run through and the End of Time is coming along!  Promotion of the play has started and hot off the press is a trailer produced by Marc Reid.  View it here and guess the name of the pill that gives Blake Price eternal life.   The name will be on the next blog.


Incredible how time flies when you’re having fun even if it is the End of Time!  We’ve just finished week five of rehearsals during which we worked on slapstick scenes.  Slapstick in a drama called the End of Time? Yes slapstick!  This will hopefully provide some light relief during Blake’s increasing struggles with eternal life.  It certainly gave us a laugh in rehearsals, especially the bit where a 66 year old housekeeper ends up with her legs in the air!

Remember tickets available online now via ticketsource.

Nitty Gritty

Last week spelt a break from rehearsals for half term holidays.  As you can see in the next post’s photos the actors were diligently learning their lines as their mid March deadline looms ever nearer!  This week we got down to some nitty gritty rehearsals and were all scratching our heads to figure out who says what, where, why and how!  A great deal of progress was made and the director learnt a valuable lesson.  If you want to make life easy for yourself and get movement into a play, don’t place a sofa right in the middle of the stage!