Blake’s 7 Stars Cindy Crawford

Happy Significant Birthday to Ian our Gallery Owner and thanks from us all for the welcome drink at the end of a challenging week on End of Time.  With two months to go all scripts have been put down with only the odd sneaky peak between scenes allowed!  The tyrannical director who imposed this tough deadline says well done to everybody for a good job this first week.  Not only did everybody deliver most of their lines, they also remembered moves and more than a bit of acting!  This is the stage equivalent of rubbing your stomach, patting your head and jumping up and down all at the same time – impressive.  There were a couple of slip ups.  At one point Blake Price thought he was marrying an 80’s super model.  Admittedly Blake does have seven wives to remember but Cindy Crawford isn’t one of them, Lilly Crawley maybe, but not Cindy Crawford!

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