Another week of rehearsals including our first run through and the End of Time is coming along!  Promotion of the play has started and hot off the press is a trailer produced by Marc Reid.  View it here and guess the name of the pill that gives Blake Price eternal life.   The name will be on the next blog.


Incredible how time flies when you’re having fun even if it is the End of Time!  We’ve just finished week five of rehearsals during which we worked on slapstick scenes.  Slapstick in a drama called the End of Time? Yes slapstick!  This will hopefully provide some light relief during Blake’s increasing struggles with eternal life.  It certainly gave us a laugh in rehearsals, especially the bit where a 66 year old housekeeper ends up with her legs in the air!

Remember tickets available online now via ticketsource.

Nitty Gritty

Last week spelt a break from rehearsals for half term holidays.  As you can see in the next post’s photos the actors were diligently learning their lines as their mid March deadline looms ever nearer!  This week we got down to some nitty gritty rehearsals and were all scratching our heads to figure out who says what, where, why and how!  A great deal of progress was made and the director learnt a valuable lesson.  If you want to make life easy for yourself and get movement into a play, don’t place a sofa right in the middle of the stage!

Actors’ Spotlight

This week the actors’ spotlight falls on Sophie Foster who plays Blake Price’s first wife and Amy Vernon who plays Blake’s second, fifth and seventh wives!  How can Amy play all these wives I hear you ask?  Sorry I can’t tell you.  You’ll have to watch the play to find out how and why!  Sophie has been with the Twyford and Ruscombe group (Twyrus) for three years and has been in every panto since as well as having had a speaking role in Lady Windermere’s Fan.  Sophie brings energy and drama to her role.  Watch out for the fireworks with Blake!  Amy has been involved in a lot of productions at school and with Stoke Row Amateur Dramatic Group and has just finished her first panto with Twyrus.   Amy makes an excellent bimbo and that shows just how good she is at acting!

Sophie concentrating on line learning

Amy is shocked at one of her lines

Character Building Rehearsals

Another week of rehearsals and it’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re focusing on it’s End!  This week the cast have been doing a great job of concentrating on the development of their characters and the changes that occur over the more than 35 years that the play spans.   A couple of the characters barely change or age in those 35 years.  You’ll have to see the play to find out why!

End of Time Set Up

Thanks to our experienced stage manager Mike Brooks and team we already have the flats up at the group’s headquarters which will really help the actors learn their moves on and off stage.  This photo is a sneak preview of the set albeit with bare walls and no doors.  As you see it’s an indoor lounge set but that’s all I can give away as you’ll have to come and see the play to view the finished product.  Twyford and Ruscombe group has a well deserved reputation for producing impressive sets so you can be sure End of Time’s staging will be worth seeing!  Don’t expect to see this white sofa though. We’re searching for a chaise or something similar as this sofa proved too small for the passion scenes!

Woman in Mind Review

Wokingham Theatre last week presented Ayckbourn’s Woman in Mind, a play based on a woman’s mental collapse.  This challenging subject matter was deftly handled by the group with accomplished and confident performances from all actors and an impressive garden set which incorporated not one life-like tree but seven!  Rachel Pearson, who had the greatest challenge playing the Woman in Mind, gave a moving performance of great subtlety with fine comic touches.  Lighting and sound added to the drama by reflecting the changes between fantasy and reality.  I loved the choice of “Mad World” as the theme music, not the pop version from Tears for Fears (which anybody else who was a teenager in the early 80s will remember!), but the haunting version by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules.  Congratulations to all cast and crew and especially to director Steve Hall who not only built an engrossing production but also stepped in to play one of the major parts with great skill and presence.